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Days Off. What more could you really ask for? As punkrock evolved from single cells in the seventies, the evolutionary tree branched out in many directions. Near the base of one of these phylogenic families were the Minutemen, the Replcements, and other less well known species. Long has science thought that this branch was very, very extinct. In the fall of 2005, Days Off was discovered in Chicago, stunning the world. Perhaps as ancient as the Loch Ness Monster, or perhaps a bizarre chimera formed in a lab, with Springsteen DNA substituted for where there were gaps- only one thing is certain: Days Off is jamming in the scene.
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the Jamming in the Scene ep- 2006

Old Country
Elsewhere Beers
Somebody, Someone

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For the Jamming in the Scene ep

From the Chicago Tribune: " Local quartet Days Off is a throwback to the halcyon days of the early '80s, when punk rock turned the corner from spitting fury and spiked hair to something blue collar and personal. The debut EP of Days Off, "Jamming In The Scene" (Make Or Break Records), is skronky, muscular and propulsive. The group's lyrics are casually introspective, fluttering with little scenes of everyday life: drinking beers with friends, cruising down the Dan Ryan and questioning history. Singer and guitarist Mike Berg has a wonderfully plain, gruff voice -- he earnestly makes do with what he's got. It's endearing and makes clear that Days Off is really about the love of music rather than gunning for a career, which is refreshing and adds to its regular-guy charm."

From Concussion: "You might have had a good year financially or had a good break in your career. Maybe hit four out of six numbers in the lottery or had a big night at the indian casino. Maybe you beat the rap, tied the knot, took the crown, lived the dream, slayed the dragon, had your cake and ate it too. Whatever, listen to me now, believe me later, you did not do something this year as good as "Idling", the first song here. If these guys get nothing else down on tape this little ditty will show up on some "Nuggets" compilation in ten twenty thirty years and blow doors on whatever is on there. It sounds good now, shit, and so do the other four songs, some classic rock grooves crossed with wierd Minutemen rhythms and changes and just a band that actually sounds like what they want to not what they think they should for whatever reason. So let's hope there's way more where this came from. This record will improve your commute, your workout, your barbeque, your session, your roadtrip, your cubicle. The contents of your ipod will be green with envy. -MS"

"Caution: Don’t expect any rock-pop from this Chicago band. If anything, they’re a more raw, classic rock group that your parents might like. The band is comprised of Mike Berg (vocals, guitar), Adam St. Beebe (guitar), Kevin Tabisz (bass) and Nick Kukia (drums). The guitar riffs are refreshing. Berg’s deep voice fits perfectly with the music. With only five tracks on the EP, this Chicago-based quartet has proved that if you stick to the basics and forget all the glitz, you can still make one hell of a sound. This would be a great CD to blast from your car speakers or even from your stereo, as you sit around with some friends."

From Roctober: "Post punk rarely actually grooves but this is not only actually grooves, it's actually groovy!"

From The Sentimentalist: "Chicago's Days Off pummels the esnses like classic 80s punk rock legends Black Flag or the Minutemen, especially on dynamic songs like "Shithater" and "Elsewhere Beers". Opener "Idling" takes off as as fearless Kiss-style anthem with a group chorus sung with utter conviction, as if all lives depended upon hearing it shouted from the rooftops. These are songs for day, for night, for parties, for life."

From Maximum Rock'n'Roll : "Damn lucky your music rules, cause your name sucks. At least you've got the priorities right. Where do I start? These Chicago cats are all over the place, and I mean that in a good way- but christ, you're a reviewer's nightmare. Some BIG BOYS, a touch of Dag Nasty (well, a lot of Dag Nasty to be honest), a large helping of those rock hooks of old DC favs King Face, a hint of later Gary Glord, all topped off with a small helping of some miscellaneous mid-period Dischord acts. Five tracks not one stinker- and even though it wears its influences with great unrelenting pride, there's still something refreshingly original. (SD)."

From Jargon Chicago : "...everything about this record is strong. The guitar sounds, the drum sounds, the vocals, the songwriting, the arrangements, the performance...even the design work!"


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The Jamming in the Scene EP, Days Off's remarkable debut. "Not only actually grooves, it's actually groovy!"- Roctober
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