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2013-12-30: 2014!
You guys! The web store was down for awhile, but it ain't down any more! So go buy something! New release from Hard Art Groop & Jumpsuit, The Modern Brain, is now available! Get it on iTunes or purchase the LP.
2011-06-13: Too Funky!!!
Have you heard? The new Jumpsuit record is finally for sale! Possibly the best way to spend your money! Check out the shop page to purchase. While you're at it, pick up some of the other great mkrbrk vinyl.
2010-05-05: we wonder things
like.. why?
2009-06-01: still alive. believe it or not.
so just because we haven't put out any new records since forever and just because we haven't updated the site and just because we haven't done anything record labelly recently doesn't mean that we're dead. we're just... dying. that said, there should be another Jumpsuit record coming out "soon"... we'll see what that ends up being.
2008-12-05: Jumpsuit's new digital digs
The binary bison that control the mkrbrk netiverse put in some o/t this weekend to dismantle, rearrange, and generally stampede the flash-heavy and awesome-light website of punkrocktwostep pioneers Jumpsuit.

The fruit of their labor, the hair on their chin, the horns of their proverbial head can be seen at the same sexy url,

They're already going crazy, posting music and videos like you wouldn't believe. Go check it out, especially the newly published Cowtown video.
2008-10-14: Milk in the Middle
Word up, fellow folks. We're back in action at Make or Break and getting psyched to spread the good word about Cowtown: The Musical: The Opera! The CDs finally arrived and will be for sale shortly, probably by the end of the day. YAHOO! Jumpsuit brings their usual rocking and rolling, but the addition of the sonic hodgepogdery and purple majesty of HARD ART GROOP has created something that's as filling as a steak milkshake and sweet as a t-bone smoothie. In other news, to celebrate Make or Break's rise from hibernation, just in time for fall, we've updated a handful of the songs and are getting stoked. In addition to Cowtown, MKRBRK8, Jumpsuit's Walking Into Sunshine will indeed do just that, hopefully before the bears wake up. Exciting times indeed.
2008-05-20: spring in chicago
so it's spring time here in chicago, and along with all the flowers blooming, the near constant gloom, and the historically low temperatures, we also don't have any releases scheduled for this summer.

The next record will likely be the Jumpsuit lp, but I don't want to say more for fear of jinxing an already very jinxable project. There should be a handful of shows coming up, so stay tuned here and on myspace. In particular, Fellow Project should be touring to support their new full-length, out now on dead broke rekerds. It's called The Buried Life and it's fantastic. Go to Dead Broke and snag it!
2008-01-31: awesome
so make or break site has been down for the better part of two weeks. That's my fault. Seems there was a mix-up with our current email address and blahblahblah, everything got completely messed up. that said, we're back online and ready to fulfill some orders! sorry for the delay, but that's jut how the internet is. right.
2008-01-09: Boston Metro digs George
"A stripped down departure from his art/punk past in Mad Man Films, Lewis‚ debut solo record is filled with classic crooning, soulful and sinister and amazing."

That's not news to us, but we're stoked that the Metro has such good taste. Next time you see one of those dudes in the funny green vests trying to get you to take a copy, do so happily.

Also, our buddy George is heading out on tour with Drug Rug this month and next. Check our their myspace page for dates.
2007-11-30: Happy Holidays!
Howdy. For those who weren't able to make it to George's show, I'm sorry. It was awesome and you missed a fantastic night. For those who were there, congratulations. This past week ended the mkrbrk South Coast/East Coast tour, and it was an astonishing success. Not only that, but now that the tour ir over, we get to be back in Chicago to see Bob Pollard open for the Party Downers. Or maybe the other way around. Don't forget- our shop page has a wide variety of great Christmas presents. Or Hanukkah. Or whatever. Buy some records.
2007-11-09: Hold Me CD Release Show
So it's already posted on the shows page, and has been for awhile now, but I wantd to get it up here on the main news page. You know, attract some more attention to it and whatnot.


In somewhat, but mostly not related news, the Make or Break A&R VP will be touring the East Coast next week prior to the release show in Boston. He'll be making appearances in Washington, DC, Baltimore, New Jersey, New York City, and Boston. Contact us if you'd like to get in touch or have a working lunch.

2007-10-15: Hold Me!
After much anticipation, the newest addition to the Make or Break roster, George Lewis Jr., has allowed his musical recordings to be available for sale! You can purchase them here at the make or break store, or on iTunes! Click the shop link and make it happen!
2007-09-20: Fellow Project Download
great news! Make or Break takes another step toward being a cutting edge rock label! From now on, every purchase of Where's the Wire? will come with a coupon you can use to download the entire record. Keep the vinyl to impress your friends, and use the mp3s to make the ride to work more bearable. You can buy the record on the shop page.
2007-08-14: New Site Launch
As you can see, we've officially launched the new site. Hurrah! Hopefully with the new format we'll be able to keep the site more interactive and interesting, keep people coming back. We've also switched from CCnow for our payment processing to Google Checkout. There aren't a whole lot of sites that use it yet, but I think you'll see that its really easy to use, plus Google always does a good job when it has a new product. To celebrate, you should buy a record.
featured release:
Too Funky! The 2011 earth shaker from Jumpsuit.
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