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Jumpsuit is a rock and roll band. They have been around since before awhile ago. They put out a record and now they are putting out another and then later on they will do it again! We are excited and have to wait, but we know it is worth it so we can handle it. They are a guitarist and a bassist and a drummer and they all can sing like crazy. When you see them you know for sure immediately that they will be in the history books. Go see them shine and buy a lot of records for posterity's sake and as an investment for your children.
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Paperdolls 7"- 2003
Debut EP on Make or Break.
Little Tijuana
Songs About Girls
Regret CD
Debut full-length
Little Tijuana
O O O (a tie for last)
The Heist
Theme from "Regret"
Present For My Baby
In A Way
Un Sueno
Hope and Need
Dumb Love
Pick Up the Phone

"School"/"No Statue" 7"- 2005
Debut EP on Make or Break.

No Statue

mkrbrk7, with Hard Art Groop
Cowtown: The Musical: The Opera- 2007
With Hard Art Groop. The story of conjoined Texlahoman twins and their quest for big poker winnings..

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The Heard
Wretchitatif & Aria Hola
How Now Town Cow?
San Antonio
Rodeo Poker At The Roundup
Okee Dokee
Gunz And Butter
The Big Game
Interfaith Silence
No Statue
Section C
Her Half
His Half
Tuesday Nights
Hope & Need
The Date
The Morning After
The Review
On The Table
The Operation
Something Red
Cowtown Reprise

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For Regret

From Impact Press: "Regret was recorded in Chicago, Illinois. The songs are a little quirky but they are also catchy. [Jumpsuit] fuse together different elements to produce a creative sound. This sound is solid alternative rock with indie influences. The different tempos throughout the album keep it interesting and fun. (KB)"
Sentimentalist: "
They've got a sense of humor and playfulness and through all fifteen tracks, they're able to bring a little bit of their party right to your door... Addictive. "
Concussion: "
Jumpsuit could go on a Monsters of Rock tour with Ween and the Dead Milkmen and it would be pretty awesome."

For School/No Statue 7"

From Exclaim!: "The trio that is Jumpsuit are hardwired in indie pop sensibilities, and this seven-inch is no exception. The result of being holed up all winter listening to the Vibrators and New York Dolls, “No Statue” is playful but poignant, sounding a lot like a stroll through a bleak suburban neighbourhood or a late-night drive through a desolate borough with nothing but a mix-tape for company. “School” is a highly amusing song about, well, school. It has a good amount of energy flowing through it, but be warned: it’ll be stuck in your head for days. The sleeve keeps the school theme going with a yearbook photo of an AV club. Three faces are scratched out with black ink and “dorks” is written over top. Is it likely that these are Jumpsuit’s members, Nathan Tolzmann, Grant Sutton, and Matthew Tolzmann? Perhaps, but they certainly don’t seem like dorks when they’re coming through your record player."
From Askew Reviews: "These two songs are somewhat quirky (for lack of a more imaginative term), combining angular nerdism with bits of pleasurable, ripping rock and roll, and it almost seems like there’s an identity crisis going on here. Maybe that’s Jumpsuit’s thingio (and yours, ya free-thinking, Green-voting pothead), but it ain’t really mine. And while this record is admittedly more interesting than a lot of things I get to review, I keep finding myself wishing that it completely rocked rather than slipping in and out of that lovely state of being. –Ben Hunter"
From Punk Planet : "Two weird pop songs from this Chicago outfit (ha ha, Jumpsuit . . . outfit). "No Statue" is a quirky lo-fi rocker with a dark breakdown in the middle. "School" is also quirky, and its jagged guitar line and chant-y vocals remind me of Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk," of all things. Odd keyboard bleeps throughout both songs. Pretty odd little single, I like it."
From The Sentimentalist: "No wonder this trio comes eqipeed with their own TV cartoon. This two-song 7" features 'No Statue',a Richard Hell-ish 70s punk meets garage grabber, armed with mellow moments and a series of Who-inspired guitar strums. B-sie 'School' sounds sped-up, with a barrage of chipmunk/South Park-style voices and a spitting chorus of 'All you know how to go to schol, go go go go go go go to school!' Relive those childhood years of being taunted in the schoolyard with this refreshingly spiky tune.--Celine"
From Roctober: "This super fun band rocks these ditties absurdly, making these absurditties."
Wonkavision: "
Don’t let their big chops and loud getups fool you. These guys probably know what they are doing. “No Statue” takes a page from The Velvet Underground’s playbook, while side B harkens back to early ‘80s sing-along punk. “Go/Go/Go/Go/Go to School,” chants the singer. And he’s not even stuttering. - D.J. Short"


Contact Jumpsuit. Book a show or a wedding, get an interview, ask for a personalized horoscope.

Phone: 773-507-0531
Address: wouldn't we all like to know

featured release:
The record that started it all, Jumpsuit's super-catchy Paperdolls 7"
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